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The best designs in the world are based on purpose and function. When a design solves a functional problem as simply and elegantly as possible, the

Uncompromising performance-centric design in its purest form is at the heart of every Humanscale solution. Each of our ergonomic products is designed for uncomplicated use, maximum comfort, a long serviceable life, and a minimal environmental footprint. And that’s why they look good, too.

Simple is better, here’s why :

Technology can make simple things complicated, or complicated things simple.

Humanscale’s ergonomic seating and office products solve complex problems with the simplest possible solutions. And that’s better…

…for the User

Simple designs with intuitive features and few manual controls are easier to use.

…for the Organization

Easy-to-use products limit—or eliminate—the need for training for both today’s and tomorrow’s employees, resulting in one less process for organizations to manage. Plus, simple designs involve fewer parts, limiting the need for repairs and ongoing maintenance.

…and for the Environment

Minimal-part designs require far less raw material and fewer manufacturing processes—and that means less extraction, energy, shipping, waste and disposal associated with a product’s lifecycle.



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